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Money Saving DIY Epoxy Tips

I am always looking to save a little money and don’t like waste.  Working with epoxy for can be tricky.  Here are my top tips for saving money when working... Continue Reading

DIY Nesting Box Aromatherapy Drying Rack

In a previous FB Live and Blog, I mentioned putting herbs in my nesting boxes for aromatherapy and got a ton of questions, so I figured I’d dive into the... Continue Reading

No Sew DIY Pumpkins Step by Step Tutorial

DIY crafts are fun to make and a great family project. Here is a fun craft you can do with the family. The best part is this no sew DIY... Continue Reading

Beginners Guide To Raising backyard chickens – Chicken Jail for Aggressive Hens

One of my passions is raising backyard chickens.  They are easy to keep, very cool pets, and the eggs are tastier than you will buy in any store.  In a... Continue Reading

Share your post with the world!

Share your post with the world! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean euismod odio et venenatis finibus. Donec volutpat sollicitudin velit, ut auctor magna fermentum eu. Praesent... Continue Reading