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How I Dry My Flowers to Use in Resin Crafts

I really enjoy gathering items from nature to use in my crafts.  Since it is summer, I have been picking flowers and drying them.  A lot of people keep asking me how I make them, so I wanted to show you how easy it is to dry your own.

First thing I bought off Amazon was a microwavable flower press.  I know sounds AMAZING right?  But hold up, keep reading before you click purchase.  Anyways, it is a pretty simple design and I do like it and use it but only if I want the flower to be pressed really flat.
Drawbacks is it takes a lot of time at the microwave putting it in and out and flipping and cooling in between.  Positives is it doesn’t take 3 plus weeks in a book.

But that is not what I use 90% of the time.  I use Silica Gel and I speed it up by putting it in the microwave and ususally can have flowers dry in 1 to 2 minutes.  Yes, you read that right and they are fairly flat, not squished but shaped nicely.

You can also just put the flowers in the silica gel and walk away and in 3-5 days it will be dry.

Or you can microwave them.  Here is how I microwave them:

  1. microwave safe bowl
  2. pour a little bit of gel to cover the bottom
  3. gently place flower face down exactly how you want it to dry on the gel
  4. cover flowers completely with more gel
  5. place in microwave with a cup of water next to it
  6. quick cook 1 min
  7. check one carefully
  8. if needed quick cook 1 more minute
  9. gently lift out of the gel and shake or brush off with a paint brush and store in an air tight container or use immediately in your resin craft

Here is a video tutorial on Tik Tok:

@craftingwithkateHow I dry the flowers for use in resin ##driedflowers ##phonegrips ##diytutorial ##resinmold ##littlebitfancy ##fyp ##craftingwithkate ##flowers♬ Tropical – SUDI